The DuBois Circle

Founded  on January 5, 1906



Voting Rights Celebration in Baltimore!

1870  Parade Re-Enactment and 

Women's Suffrage March 

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Cancelled do to the Pandemic

Suffragists Identified in The DuBois Circle:

Braxton, Beatrice (Mrs.) Edgar
Cardozo, Fannie (Mrs.) Frank
Chissell, Augusta (Mrs.) Dr. Robert
Clifford, Carrie (Mrs.) William H.
Cook, Caroline (Miss)
Davis, Erma (Mrs.) Carrington L.
Fernandis, Sarah C. (Mrs.) John A.
Frey, Jane, (Mrs.) George
Gaines, Minnie L. (Mrs.) Rev. A. L.
Hawkins, Margaret (Mrs.) Prof. Mason A.
Hurst, Bertha (Mrs.) John K.
Irvin, Helen (Mrs.)
Jackson, Sarah (Miss)
Jennifer, Eva (Miss)
Reid, Edna (Miss)
Slowe, Lucy Diggs (Miss)
Smith, Annie (Miss)
Stepteau, Estelle (Mrs.)
Waller, Jane (Mrs.) Rev. Garnett R.
Young, Estelle (Mrs.) Dr. Howard E.

This event was canceled during the Pandemic.

Celebrate the impact of the Black Suffragists  Movement at the

4th Annual Afro High Tea.

These courageous women paved the way to securing the right to vote. Your participation benefits the 

Black Girls Vote Project. 

 A  Message from The Afro-American Newspaper

Click here for Summary by Savannah Wood , Special to Afro

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, we reached back into the #AFRO Archives to unearth stories of Black women suffragists from Maryland & DC who fought tirelessly for the vote. This special edition publication connects their activism with that of their 21st century counterparts through newly commissioned and archival texts. We have decided to produce a very limited-edition physical publication in addition to the PDF download. The PDF is available for download today for $10, and the limited edition book is available for pre-order for $50.

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Beverly Carter, Archivist for The DuBois Circle, serves on the Board for The Afro and Afro Charities. She assisted in the assembly of a list of Black suffragists, research in their lives, and their contributions to early voting rights. This research includes early members of The DuBois Circle.